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The most handsome guy I know

She has the most beautiful smile.


The most handsome guy I know

She has the most beautiful smile.

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Anonymous said: how is life going my friend?

It is going fast. Very fast. Though, I am loving what I’ve got.

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The greatest weekend I’ve ever had. So glad that I got to spend it with my special lady.

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i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again


how does america even function like it sounds like a video game or something. grand theft freedom.








what in the pure fuck


Normal if you’re white. You get shot on sight if you’re a minority.

2nd Amendment

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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Jackie and I went to a party and I am drunk as f. I always meet the best people in her town. It’s crazy how different the people in different towns are.

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My sweet Jeep and my beautiful lady

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Anonymous said: I see pictures of you all the time in Jackie's page you are very attractive

Thank you very much. I appreciate that!

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Anonymous said: Why not? I don't mean to sound intruding I'm just really curious bc I see Jackie is friends w her

No worries. But, that’s just how things work. Doesn’t impact me so it’s nothing

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Anonymous said: Are you and Emily still friends?

No we are not

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I would like some nice messages too

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The problem with today is that less and less people are taking time to stop and think. It’s a great thing that we have.

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So the NYPD is at it again. This time they have choked a 7 month pregnant Black woman. Her offense? She was grilling in front of her house. This is over a damn grill.

Right on cue, people are already talking about the NYPD needing sensitivity training etc. They don’t get it. This is what the NYPD does. It’s not about a lack of training. They are looking for any reason to inflict fear and escalate a situation so they can use as much force as possible. I don’t know how many more incidents need to happen to make it click in their heads that the police is terrorizing Black communities. How much more ridiculous do these situations need to get? You tell me what warrants choking a pregnant woman for grilling in front of her house. Damn whether that is not allowed or not. You know what you do in that situation as a cop? You give her a citation or a fine. Not the NYPD, they choke and assault pregnant Black women.

This makes me think of the post that was going around a little while ago that said that kids should be taught to hate the cops because even a “good cop” does horrible things as “part of the job.” As Atane said, this is what they do! They intimidate, harass, escalate, and assault. that is what the police do. all day long.

I believe and agree that we are falling into a police state. I’ve seen the recent videos of chokeholds. Before I say more I would like to mention that in the NYPD the supervisors are the ones with tasers, not normal officers. That being said, when someone is violently resisting arrest they use hands. They don’t have other non-lethal force besides their hands and a nightstick, at least to my knowledge, that they can use. If you know that you are innocent then let lawyers do the talking for you because, as everyone knows, what you say will be held against you. And any fighting with an officer will cause suspicion. I mean, that’s just common sense. I’m by no means saying that what they did was right, and they broke police code as well. The cops should very well be punished for this. But to say that all cops are bad is extremely biased. Just as biased as making racial slurs. Cops are humans too, and will provide help if deserved. No one wants to help an asshole in any instance. So until they start barging into homes without warrants, indefinitely detaining you, not provide a lawyer, shooting and killing an innocent person, then hate them as a person. Not all cops will do these things. Believe it or not some cops actually want to uphold the law in the way it was supposed to be.

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Anonymous said: You are a great person. I see the world inside of you. Thank you for that.

That is extremely kind of you. Thank you for that!

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